Wednesday, 8 April 2015


Hey Everyone!

Goodmorning and welcome to my blog :) 

Hope you had a restful Easter. 
Today my look is inspired by animal print-leopard print to be more exact.
I love comfortable outfits that require minimal makeup and effort. Which is why I appreciate statement pieces.
And I believe this outfit is such a piece.
Its extremely loose fitting and very comfortable with a beautiful flow to it as you walk.
I paired it with printed green wedges.
I got these pair from Office which happens to be one of my favourite high street retail stores.
And one of my favourite pieces of jewellery is my dangling earrings which I got from River Island.
My makeup is extremely light but at the same time I like a dash of colour when I work on my face and so I used the Sleek Palette to create a sort of playful glow summery look.
On my lips is a MAC Nude Lipstick.

I would be doing makeup posts soon as well.
Hope you guys enjoyed this look!
Have an awesome week and God Bless.

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Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Hey Everyone!

Welcome back to my blog. I haven't been consistent in a long time but I intend to rejuvenate this blog with style and makeup looks. I'm pretty excited to take up this new venture with more consistent posts and looks.
I had a lot of changes to make in my life and I thank God that I am finally beginning to find the new me in Him and I hope to share some of my new adjustments with you all as the year progresses.
Later this month I will be sharing a surprise with you all and I hope you encourage me with your support :)
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Now, my look for today is called BLUE PASSION.
Hope you like my hair!!! For some reason I am not a fan of black hair anymore; I feel its too boring for my new personality lol.
What look do you think I should go for next on my hair? I'm thinking maybe red? or brown? Anyways I might do a Hair Chronicles cause I've been through a lot of colors recently to move me away from black.

Now back to this look:
I had this lovely jacket custom made with ankara. I absolutely love this jacket. It's simple and at the same time its sophisticated. I decided not to wear any jewelry apart from my gold ear earring which I got from River Island (I'll try and do a jewelry post as well).
I just think the jacket is a statement piece. Its a unique, flirty design with a very tailored cut.

The trousers are from American Apparel.
They are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. It usually gives the outfit a more official or playful look depending on the top you're wearing. I decided to try a more official look with this jacket.
The heels are from Office. I love these heels because they are not so high and easy to walk in. Its very comfortable and has some nice crocodile blue print at the tip. 

I like the fact that its a simple style but with a bit of edge to it.

Thats my look for today! Hope you all like it! Please share your thoughts below :)
Have an awesome week and God Bless.

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Friday, 16 January 2015


The flood of emptiness between our stories is filled with pain, heart ache and grief. I remember my last birthday-you called and mocked me on hitting another milestone-we laughed, you teased, I argued-and we smiled. I miss that.
The mischief that coated your voice as you spoke my name, the way you walked with your head slightly tilted like you were always absorbed in your thoughts, your snicker that birthed into merry laughter as you watched me learn from my mistakes.
I miss looking behind and seeing you eagerly follow as we ran through the house as children, I miss watching you walk ahead as the confident man you had become-strong, supportive and intent on accomplishing your dreams.
I miss hearing you whisper “Happy Birthday Tolu” with such love and sincerity it made my heart melt with joy and thanksgiving. The bond we shared was so special-it was a gift. And it was taken violently from us in your death.

The tears I have cried, the grief that has stalked me this past year as I walked through the gift of another year knowing you did not have the chance to celebrate yours has left me empty.
I still look into your eyes and feel the strength of family, the hope of love and the joy of our bond as brother and sister.
As I walk into my next year without that beacon of a smile ushering me into this new milestone, as I step into this next phase without your warm broad shoulders hugging me furiously with love and laughter, my heart once more ruptures with pain at the gift that was taken from us.
Your death has changed our story; but I thank God I was your sister. I thank God I bore the blessing to be called your sibling-I am grateful I watched you smile mischievously and laugh richly from a child to a young man I deeply respected.
I am happy you found your calling in life-I am grateful for the gift God granted to your spirit to sing through eternity with the treasure trove of music you have left behind.
Your voice so full of your character of hope, love and laughter has ushered me into this new phase of our lives as a family. I am happy I can tune my ears to the sound of your music and hear the Toba I knew through the Tyler Fray who sings his dreams, visions and ideas into sounds of melody.
I love you Toba.
It has been a hard year of loss and God in his infinite wisdom has allowed your death date to be tied to my birth date and today I celebrate our laughter and our love and at the same time I weep at what has been lost and stolen-a myriad of memories taken before they reached the realm of reality-a thousand words that could have been shared, a million moments that could have been spent together-all shattered into a gaping emptiness of loss.
I love you and you love me.
“Happy Birthday,” I hear you whisper softly. Though I cannot see your face I can feel your love as you sigh “Happy Birthday Tolu, I love you now, I love you forever more.”

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Sunday, 17 August 2014


Hey Guys,

This is my first nude cut crease. It took me a while to get this look just right but yeah I'm pretty pleased with it. Here I used the Sleek Palette-Ultra Matte V2- and on my lips I have on Barry M Nude Lip pencil and MAC Velvet Teddy.

I used Sleek Flame by 3 Palette

On my eyes I have on a pair of Ardell eyelashes.
I mainly use Eco Tools brushes by the way. Just thought I should mention that.
I also use Milk of Magnesia as a primer. I however, find that MAC is the best product for foundation on my skin. 
However, it does lead to spots which is kind of annoying but apart from that its basically the best foundation I have used so far. Its the Studio Fix Foundation.

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Monday, 4 August 2014


Hey Guys,

Here is my look for this week. As usual I have on Sleek's Palette's on my eyes. I tried on a mix of colours mostly yellow and some dark tones of brown.
On my cheeks, the Blush by 3 Sleek Palette and on my lips I toned down Mac's Morange with a nude lip pencil. 
I have been trying to figure out how to wear this lipstick without it having too much of a luminous effect. Lip liners are really amazing…took me a while to figure it out but it helps to tone down or build up your lip colour or even create a gradient effect. 
So I enjoyed playing with colours on my lips enormously.
Hope you guys have an amazing week!

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Please share in ensuring the cause for justice for my brother Toba Falode is successful. Please share the news and information on this case. It is important that we keep talking for the sake of our loved ones. It would be unfortunate for this to ever happen again. The statistics of Nigerian youths killed abroad is disturbing and completely unacceptable. And it keeps happening.
This cause helps to highlight all the lost, murdered souls abroad who have had their dreams and those of their families cut short.

God Bless You All.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hey Everyone,

Hope you are having a lovely week; please join the links down below to support the #justicefortylerfray campaign. Thanks so much. Your support would be deeply appreciated.

This look is basically centered on my growing fondness for MAC's Velvet Teddy.
 Its a creamy matte lipstick texture that I used Barry M's Nude Lip Pencil to apply to dim down the colour. 
I love playing with colours on my eyelids so I used my favourite brand Sleek.
For this look, I used Sleek's Sunset Palette and Sleek's Acid Palette. I enjoyed playing with these palette's immensely. I wanted to create a vibrant look on my eyes that was also clever but not too much colour for the day time. Which is why Velvet Teddy was perfect for my lips.
The colour purple is the theme for the main eyeshadow and crease area and Sleek's Sunset Palette yellow is used for the eye crease and the eyebrow highlight area.
I also used my Ardell Natural Lashes. 
On my cheeks I have used Sleek's Blush by 3 Flame Palette. 

LOOK #2.
For this look, I used eyeliner on my water line by a drugstore brand I cannot remember unfortunately. But it is in the shade purple and once more on my eyes I have played with my Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes Storm and Sunset.

LA Girl Pro Concealer is under my eyes and used to define my lips.
I used Blush by 3 Flame Palette on my cheeks.
I also enjoy the MAC Studio Fix Foundation with the Studio Fix Powder and Studio Blotting Powder. 

Its not that great for holding up because retouching is necessary but it is better than Chanel Perfection Lumiere and NARS Cream Foundation. They were both very big disappointments and a huge waste of money to be completely honest.
MAC has proven to be the most reliable. I am still in search of a long lasting foundation.

Hope you all enjoyed these looks.

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