Saturday, 4 January 2014


Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year to you all! Hope you have a more blessed year than the last. Sorry for the blogging hiatus I took. I have been revamping and rejuvenating over these holidays. Part of which, I spent in Dubai which is an awesome, beautiful and truly peaceful environment. I would not be posting as much as I would like to this year as its my final round at University all glory to God. So there would be a lot of work involved obviously but this year I'm hoping to increase the quality rather than the quantity of posting as its a year of transformation for me which I hope my blog would reflect.

Here are some pictures from my Dubai adventure. I also wanted to share some outfits with you guys which is a dimension to the blog I would try and explore some more.


I love this dress so much it fits perfectly and is such an easy outfit to put on without the need for additional embellishments.

I ordered it from missguided and my experience with the sight inspired by this dress which was my first order, has been a hit and miss. This dress being the biggest hit so far in my opinion.


I fell into the whole Rihanna for River Island trend and decided to purchase one of the items-The G4Life top. I love the simplicity of the design. I got the spiky snapback from River Island as well and I love it because its edgy. 


I got this black shirt from River Island as well. I love it because its simple and an easy fit. I think it reflects my basic style which is mostly laid back but dressy at the same time.

My makeup is mostly laid back as well. A usual mix of my sleek palettes on my eyes which I used to create some of my other looks on this blog. 

Hope you all had an amazing holiday and once more I wish you an even more beneficial New Year.

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