Thursday, 21 March 2013


Hey Everyone!

I decided to do a post on my looks with the Storm Sleek Pallette. I hope you enjoy it! Its mostly a nude look with a mix of colours and I applied the Sleek Life's A Peach Blush and Revlon 117 Neutral Nude Lipstick constantly to help achieve the looks!

DAY 1.

This was my first look in this series.

Just a mix of -

Sleek's Storm Pallette

Sleek's Life's  A Peach Blush


Revlon's Neutral Nude.

I love this look because it is easy to achieve and I think gives a healthy glow.

I might be doing a tutorial on how I work with the colour's from this particular Pallette.

Also, I applied a little bit of colour from the Sleek Sunset Pallette to give me a sort of brown light smokey crease.

Close Up View
On my cheeks is the Blush-Life's  A Peach-By Sleek.

I originally was not a fan of this Blush but became more inclined to use it because it gives the cheeks a lovely glow and is barely if at all noticeable.

I think it is perfect for giving a glowy finish.

DAY 2.

Sleek-Sunset Pallette
Storm Pallette
Life's A Peach Blush.
For this look, I decided to play with just a bit of colour.

I applied a bright orange eye shadow on my mobile lid from the Sleek Sunset Pallette and just worked with a bit of black on my crease to dim the colour down.

I think this look is perfect for wanting just a touch of colour with not too much of a fuss.

I also decided to play on my cheeks with my staple Life's A Peach Blush just to keep the whole look minimal and glowy.

DAY 3.

I made a bit of effort with my hair that day lol. For the other two, I just used straighteners or bendy rollers but I decided to play with the Nicky Clarke Slim Tong for this look.  I love it because it gives amazing volume and body to the hair and the curls last for a few days which is always handy.

This look I think is more of a toned down day time smokey eye.

I mainly worked with the dark black colours and the nude and slightly tinted browns in the Sleek Storm Pallette with just a hint of sparkle which is barely noticeable in the tear duct eye area.

And for my cheeks I used as always, Sleek's Life's  A Peach Blush because like I said I think it just gives the right touch of finish to a nice neutral look.

Sleek Storm Pallette.
Sleek's Life's  A Peach Blush.
Revlon No 117.

I hope you all enjoyed this post. And please do check out my youtube channel.

See you all soon!

Let me know what you think about these looks and I'd love to hear your nude day make up routine.

My Shekere x

Monday, 11 March 2013


I decided to go with a fishtail braid as the weather in Ireland right now is not suited for any hairstyle out of a braid or bun!

I think the Fishtail Braid is great for corporate events or the workplace even because it does not take away from looking serious but rather helps to show just a respectable amount of personality.

I tonged my hair with Nicky Clark's slim tong because I thought it would frame my face better.

An up close look at it. I just knotted it at the ends with a translucent rubber.

Work Trousers-River Island.

 Thought I'd share how the whole look came together with a fishtail braid.

Thanks so much for reading this blog!

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Until Next Time!

My Shekere. x


Hey Everyone!

So I decided to share my look for the day and its themed 'Corporate Affairs.'
Its just a look I think would work best in an office setting.

The products I used were-
Sleek's Blemish Balm Primer
Mac's Studio Fix Fluid NW 40
Mac's Blot Powder
Sleek's Sunset Pallette
Sleek's Storm Pallette

And on my lips-
Revlon's Almost Nude No 117.


My eyes-Sleek's Sunset and Storm Pallette.
Lips-Revlon's Nude.
My Cheeks-Sleek's Blush By 3 Pallette(Flame)-Bonfire
Sleek's Contour Kit-Dark
Concealer-Mac's Studio Select NW 40

I thought this would be a better picture of it up close. I straightened my hair out as well to add to the whole idea of looking corporate.