Sunday, 17 August 2014


Hey Guys,

This is my first nude cut crease. It took me a while to get this look just right but yeah I'm pretty pleased with it. Here I used the Sleek Palette-Ultra Matte V2- and on my lips I have on Barry M Nude Lip pencil and MAC Velvet Teddy.

I used Sleek Flame by 3 Palette

On my eyes I have on a pair of Ardell eyelashes.
I mainly use Eco Tools brushes by the way. Just thought I should mention that.
I also use Milk of Magnesia as a primer. I however, find that MAC is the best product for foundation on my skin. 
However, it does lead to spots which is kind of annoying but apart from that its basically the best foundation I have used so far. Its the Studio Fix Foundation.

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Monday, 4 August 2014


Hey Guys,

Here is my look for this week. As usual I have on Sleek's Palette's on my eyes. I tried on a mix of colours mostly yellow and some dark tones of brown.
On my cheeks, the Blush by 3 Sleek Palette and on my lips I toned down Mac's Morange with a nude lip pencil. 
I have been trying to figure out how to wear this lipstick without it having too much of a luminous effect. Lip liners are really amazing…took me a while to figure it out but it helps to tone down or build up your lip colour or even create a gradient effect. 
So I enjoyed playing with colours on my lips enormously.
Hope you guys have an amazing week!

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Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Please share in ensuring the cause for justice for my brother Toba Falode is successful. Please share the news and information on this case. It is important that we keep talking for the sake of our loved ones. It would be unfortunate for this to ever happen again. The statistics of Nigerian youths killed abroad is disturbing and completely unacceptable. And it keeps happening.
This cause helps to highlight all the lost, murdered souls abroad who have had their dreams and those of their families cut short.

God Bless You All.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014


Hey Everyone,

Hope you are having a lovely week; please join the links down below to support the #justicefortylerfray campaign. Thanks so much. Your support would be deeply appreciated.

This look is basically centered on my growing fondness for MAC's Velvet Teddy.
 Its a creamy matte lipstick texture that I used Barry M's Nude Lip Pencil to apply to dim down the colour. 
I love playing with colours on my eyelids so I used my favourite brand Sleek.
For this look, I used Sleek's Sunset Palette and Sleek's Acid Palette. I enjoyed playing with these palette's immensely. I wanted to create a vibrant look on my eyes that was also clever but not too much colour for the day time. Which is why Velvet Teddy was perfect for my lips.
The colour purple is the theme for the main eyeshadow and crease area and Sleek's Sunset Palette yellow is used for the eye crease and the eyebrow highlight area.
I also used my Ardell Natural Lashes. 
On my cheeks I have used Sleek's Blush by 3 Flame Palette. 

LOOK #2.
For this look, I used eyeliner on my water line by a drugstore brand I cannot remember unfortunately. But it is in the shade purple and once more on my eyes I have played with my Sleek Eyeshadow Palettes Storm and Sunset.

LA Girl Pro Concealer is under my eyes and used to define my lips.
I used Blush by 3 Flame Palette on my cheeks.
I also enjoy the MAC Studio Fix Foundation with the Studio Fix Powder and Studio Blotting Powder. 

Its not that great for holding up because retouching is necessary but it is better than Chanel Perfection Lumiere and NARS Cream Foundation. They were both very big disappointments and a huge waste of money to be completely honest.
MAC has proven to be the most reliable. I am still in search of a long lasting foundation.

Hope you all enjoyed these looks.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014


In a few months, a few painful moments, my life changed.
We as a family started the year together with expectations, happiness, joy and most of all thanksgiving. Thankful for the gift of love, the comfort of familiar faces and mostly for the gift of family. Isn’t that what family is, in essence?
Warm faces that light up at your presence, a set of people that complete your existence, that make you feel like you are always part of a unit and will always be important; to them,  their dreams, their daily struggles and every single second they exist-you are important. Family is a gift and we were grateful for it.
I looked at my brother with such love and joy as he became a truly handsome, mischievous, ambitious young man. I looked at him and I could feel the pride swell up in my bones as I watched him attentively play his beats on his laptop with the dedication of a surgeon; he scrutinized each single sound with his eyes; listening to each rhythm carefully; I know this because I watched him; he fascinated me with his dedication to his dreams.

I, like many, had been tainted by the world’s pressures of conforming to expectations, which had led me to the gates of the legal education. But Toba was sure of not only who he was but, who he was meant to be. So I watched him attentively. His confidence in his future was refreshing. It was a rare sight that held my curiousity. 
He hated distractions during these moments; so of course as his annoying older sister I would try my best to get his attention: with a sound, repeated by another and then another till he gazed at me with irritation…but the look was priceless and so worth it. So I would do it again. And again. Till he finally looked up and noticed me staring at him with mischief painting my lips. ‘What.’ He would utter with irritation. I loved those moments.
The sheer joy it was to get under his skin the way he got under mine on countless occasions. I would bob my head and laugh and he would sigh inwardly and get back to his craft; his gift; and ignore me.
Those were valuable seconds we shared together. I now find myself scrutinizing my memories like a precious album. I pour over every picture desperate to remember each word, each step he took…I find myself desperately pouring over images of Toba walking…Toba eating…Toba sleeping…because he was my family.
We understood each other to an indescribable level. He could tell by my very movements what I was thinking…I could tell by a simple look in his eyes what he was feeling. We read each other like a book inscribed in our hearts, that only we could understand.
Family. It is all that matters.
In a few months and only a few moments…he was taken from me.
In the most gruesome and heart wrenching manner I could not have ever imagined. I feel those moments in every single day. I dwell on his thoughts, his dreams….the enthusiasm that coloured his love for life…the determination that marked his very existence…I dwell on them. He was truly very special. A precious gift to the world yet to be discovered.
 So, in a few months my life has been shaken…my spirit broken…my soul torn just by a few moments of madness that led to a lifetime of pain. For me, for Toba and for my family.
His death has given meaning to my life in ways I cannot begin to explain but there is hope. The words #justicefortylerfray have given some comfort to my pain.
They symbolize purpose; they symbolize peace. But mostly they symbolize justice. For justice is what he deserves. Justice is what will ease the sore wounds from this vicious scar. Justice is what will show that Toba…Tyler Fray mattered. That he indeed walked this earth; from his cries of attention when he was a child to the pure joy that coloured his features when he became a young man loved by many.

#justicefortylerfray brings life to that memory. The memory that was his life.

Please support the cause and follow us on these social media sites; your support would make a world of difference.
God Bless You and Your family.




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Sunday, 13 July 2014


Hey Guys,

Hope you are all well! For this post I basically wanted to show you guys my FOTD. I did end up wearing MAC's Velvet Teddy out instead just because it suited the look better but I do like the way it plays out with Flat Out Fabulous.
 I am beginning to learn that foundation is extremely important for the skin. 
It literally sets the tone/foundation for your makeup. 

I decided to go back to my old and trustworthy foundation MAC's Studio Fix. I have extremely oily skin and this so far has proved to be the most reliable and cost efficient with regards to the least amount of trouble when it comes to retouching. Of course I set it with MAC's Studio Fix Powder but more efficiently in my opinion the look held better under MAC's Blotting Powder.
I was quite happy with the results; just thought I'd share lol. Apologies for the ramble.
Anyways for this look I played around with MAC's Flat Out Fabulous on my lips with a base of Barry M's Nude Lip Pencil. I absolutely love this lip pencil because its so versatile. It really brings out the nude in my MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick.
On my cheeks I have on Sleek's Flame Blush by 3 Palette and on my eyelashes Ardell Naturals.
I used Lancome Teint Idole Foudation on my cheeks for contour. I have decided to try out using a creamy contour instead of a powdery one; and so far so good!
On my eyes I have on Sleek's Storm Palette and my lovely Sunset Palette also by Sleek.

Here is the look with Velvet Teddy. I took a quick pic of it after coming back from my outing. So far I'm discovering that for my extremely oily skin MAC seems to work best.

 I have tried Chanel, NARS etc but MAC holds the product on best combined of course with a good primer base-Milk of Magnesia-and a good powder to set the look-MAC's Blotting Powder and MAC's Studio Fix. The Blotting Powder works better.
Anyways hope you guys like the look! And hope the tips help someone lol. It took me a while to figure it out cause my skin is so oily. 
But let me know if anyone has any more tips I am more than open to them! I'll also keep this blog posted on how the MAC products hold up in the long run.

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Thank You all and God Bless.

Friday, 4 July 2014


Hello Everyone!

Afro beats is very colourful and I decided to try and play with some colours to the colour scheme for Davido's Aye. 
I will probably be doing more looks inspired by that particular video because its so colourful and vibrant. 

So to create this look I used a palette made up of blue, green and red. I played around with my Sleek Flame Blush by 3 Palette and my Sleek Sunset, Lagoon and Acid palette's.

On my lips I have on Barry M Lip Liner in Brown/Nude and MAC's Velvet Teddy.
I have on my Ardell Naturals on my lids. 
I used a Maybelline Gel Liner on my eyes as well.

I also tried to play with MAC's Ruby Woo on my lips as well. 

Hope you like it! 

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Sunday, 29 June 2014


Check out my video on how I created this look:

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Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hope your day was blessed. 
My look for today is basically a toned down version of playing with colours. I enjoy mixing palettes a lot but I decided to try a more played down version for the day time that can be worn to wherever really. 

So I used a mix of nudes, with a dash of colour in between to make sure the eyes were not too boring.
 I also played with MAC's Flat Out Fabulous on the lips to give the added pop of colour and help the look all come together.

I played with my new favourite day time lashes-Ardell's Natural Lashes-and also with LA Girl Pro Concealer under my eyes and in my T Zone area. 
I love this concealer because its very long lasting, thick, and it has an interesting creamy consistency that makes it more vibrant when applied under the eyes. I also used it to define my lips. I'm thinking I'll start using the darker shades of the concealer to contour as well. 

For contouring in this look, I used Sleek Face Form and I also used the bronzer in the Face Form Dark Palette.

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God Bless You All as you spread and share the news.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


I have recently become fascinated with makeup pencils-lip pencils, eye pencils and the like. I find they can make a look more toned up or down whichever way one prefers it.
One of my favourite eye pencils is one I found in the drugstore. Its got a very green hue to it and is easily applicable to the waterline to give a pop of colour or even to intensify the look of the lids.

So I tried it out with my favourite lipstick-Ruby Woo. I love the effect it gives to the look. 

On my lids I played with some more green hues mostly from my Sleek Acid/Supreme Palettes.


I tried playing with the same hue of green with my MAC Girl About Town lipstick.

I have on my pair of Natural lashes by Ardell.

On my cheeks is Sleek's Blush by 3 Palette and on my eyes is Sleek's Sunset Palette.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all having a blessed week so far. 
I tried some new looks I wanted to share with you guys.

First off is the Morange Lipstick by MAC. Its got a creamy consistency with a very bright orange colour to match. I enjoy using this lipstick mostly at night time because of its boldness but I decided to try it during the day because it adds a certain level of edge to a look. 


On my lids I worked once more with Sleek Palette's Acid and Supreme. I really like the Acid palette because its got a lot of bright matte colours.

On my lips I have on Sleek's Peach Blush and on my lips Mac's Velvet Teddy. This was not my favourite look but I just wanted to show the diversity of the look. Its interesting how a lipstick can take a look from A-Z very quickly. It changes a look entirely. 

This is a more toned down version of an otherwise vibrant look.

I love Ruby Woo because it is such a simple but very effective lippy to have. 

On my eyelids I played around with hints of purple, green, yellow and hot pink.

In my waterline I have on a Green drugstore eyeshadow which I believe the red lips compliment effectively. I also have on a pair of Ardell Natural Lashes.

This lipstick is just a hot pink with a  creamy consistency; its a  MAC product. It also manages to achieve a somewhat neutral look by complimenting the eye colours brilliantly without too much fuss.

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