Sunday, 13 July 2014


Hey Guys,

Hope you are all well! For this post I basically wanted to show you guys my FOTD. I did end up wearing MAC's Velvet Teddy out instead just because it suited the look better but I do like the way it plays out with Flat Out Fabulous.
 I am beginning to learn that foundation is extremely important for the skin. 
It literally sets the tone/foundation for your makeup. 

I decided to go back to my old and trustworthy foundation MAC's Studio Fix. I have extremely oily skin and this so far has proved to be the most reliable and cost efficient with regards to the least amount of trouble when it comes to retouching. Of course I set it with MAC's Studio Fix Powder but more efficiently in my opinion the look held better under MAC's Blotting Powder.
I was quite happy with the results; just thought I'd share lol. Apologies for the ramble.
Anyways for this look I played around with MAC's Flat Out Fabulous on my lips with a base of Barry M's Nude Lip Pencil. I absolutely love this lip pencil because its so versatile. It really brings out the nude in my MAC Velvet Teddy Lipstick.
On my cheeks I have on Sleek's Flame Blush by 3 Palette and on my eyelashes Ardell Naturals.
I used Lancome Teint Idole Foudation on my cheeks for contour. I have decided to try out using a creamy contour instead of a powdery one; and so far so good!
On my eyes I have on Sleek's Storm Palette and my lovely Sunset Palette also by Sleek.

Here is the look with Velvet Teddy. I took a quick pic of it after coming back from my outing. So far I'm discovering that for my extremely oily skin MAC seems to work best.

 I have tried Chanel, NARS etc but MAC holds the product on best combined of course with a good primer base-Milk of Magnesia-and a good powder to set the look-MAC's Blotting Powder and MAC's Studio Fix. The Blotting Powder works better.
Anyways hope you guys like the look! And hope the tips help someone lol. It took me a while to figure it out cause my skin is so oily. 
But let me know if anyone has any more tips I am more than open to them! I'll also keep this blog posted on how the MAC products hold up in the long run.

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Thank You all and God Bless.

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