Sunday, 29 June 2014


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Happy Sunday Everyone!

Hope your day was blessed. 
My look for today is basically a toned down version of playing with colours. I enjoy mixing palettes a lot but I decided to try a more played down version for the day time that can be worn to wherever really. 

So I used a mix of nudes, with a dash of colour in between to make sure the eyes were not too boring.
 I also played with MAC's Flat Out Fabulous on the lips to give the added pop of colour and help the look all come together.

I played with my new favourite day time lashes-Ardell's Natural Lashes-and also with LA Girl Pro Concealer under my eyes and in my T Zone area. 
I love this concealer because its very long lasting, thick, and it has an interesting creamy consistency that makes it more vibrant when applied under the eyes. I also used it to define my lips. I'm thinking I'll start using the darker shades of the concealer to contour as well. 

For contouring in this look, I used Sleek Face Form and I also used the bronzer in the Face Form Dark Palette.

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014


I have recently become fascinated with makeup pencils-lip pencils, eye pencils and the like. I find they can make a look more toned up or down whichever way one prefers it.
One of my favourite eye pencils is one I found in the drugstore. Its got a very green hue to it and is easily applicable to the waterline to give a pop of colour or even to intensify the look of the lids.

So I tried it out with my favourite lipstick-Ruby Woo. I love the effect it gives to the look. 

On my lids I played with some more green hues mostly from my Sleek Acid/Supreme Palettes.


I tried playing with the same hue of green with my MAC Girl About Town lipstick.

I have on my pair of Natural lashes by Ardell.

On my cheeks is Sleek's Blush by 3 Palette and on my eyes is Sleek's Sunset Palette.

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Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Hey Everyone,

Hope you are all having a blessed week so far. 
I tried some new looks I wanted to share with you guys.

First off is the Morange Lipstick by MAC. Its got a creamy consistency with a very bright orange colour to match. I enjoy using this lipstick mostly at night time because of its boldness but I decided to try it during the day because it adds a certain level of edge to a look. 


On my lids I worked once more with Sleek Palette's Acid and Supreme. I really like the Acid palette because its got a lot of bright matte colours.

On my lips I have on Sleek's Peach Blush and on my lips Mac's Velvet Teddy. This was not my favourite look but I just wanted to show the diversity of the look. Its interesting how a lipstick can take a look from A-Z very quickly. It changes a look entirely. 

This is a more toned down version of an otherwise vibrant look.

I love Ruby Woo because it is such a simple but very effective lippy to have. 

On my eyelids I played around with hints of purple, green, yellow and hot pink.

In my waterline I have on a Green drugstore eyeshadow which I believe the red lips compliment effectively. I also have on a pair of Ardell Natural Lashes.

This lipstick is just a hot pink with a  creamy consistency; its a  MAC product. It also manages to achieve a somewhat neutral look by complimenting the eye colours brilliantly without too much fuss.

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Hey Guys,

Here is the eyeshadow look with the Sleek Acid and Sunset Palettes. I enjoyed mixing the colours to create a bold but matte bright look. I would definitely recommend the Sunset Palette to everyone looking for a very good bright matte set of eyeshadow colours. They are extremely versatile and I always enjoy the looks I can create with them. This time I just decided to mix the colours a bit for a more varied look.

I love this lipstick because its not quite red but at the same time its not quite pink either. Its a matte MAC lipstick.
I think it works well for a subtle yet attractive lipstick to use during the day.

On my waterline 

I have on a blue drugstore eye pencil to give that extra pop to the eyes. I have on a pair of Ardell eyelashes on my eyes.

This lipstick always surprises me with its versatility. 

It always looks different dependent on the eyeshadows you are playing with. 
Here I think the look is more bright and matte. 

On my cheeks I have on Sleek Blush by 3 Flame. I like this blush set because it varies from rich red to subtle red/orange.

I also used the Sleek Contour, Highlighter and Bronzer on my face.

I used Rimmel Eye pencil on my eyebrows and LA Girl concealer Fawn as my highlighter. 

I used Ben Nye powder in Banana to set the concealer and I also used Barry M Lip pencil on my lips to define them.

On my lips I have on MAC Ruby Woo. 

I absolutely adore this lipstick because it is so matte and bright and easy to apply. It instantly adds an extra bit of oomph to your look.

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