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Clothing Haul

My Shekere-Make-Up/Hair Haul


These are the lovely products that will complete this review.

They are the Sigma F05 Contour Brush, Sleek Blush by 3 Pallette and the W7 Blush Brush.
The steepest product in this line-up will be the Sigma Brush which was about €20's thereabouts. The Sleek Blush by 3 in Flame with Bonfire, Molten and Furnace inside, was not more than a tener while the Blush Brush was really cheap and I got both brushes from Amazon and the Sleek Blush set from the Sleek website.

I absolutely adore this product. I love a warm glow to the skin and am not really a fan of light blushes and this pallette is just perfect for experimenting within that zone of warm tones. I use either or about every day when I head out both during the day and at night and would probably not need to purchase blushes for a long time lol. But they are pigmented and do stay on the cheeks once applied giving a warmy look to your face.

The Sigma F05 Brush is really good for contouring your face. I love this product. It does take a bit of getting used to but is perfect for contouring your cheeks and picks up the product reallly well.
Here is just a close up of the bristles on the brush. Thought it will be handy to show you all that as well.

I love this brush so much especially since it was so cheap. I do not remember the price but it was less than €10 any ways and it is a good quality blush brush I purchased from Amazon which is also amazing as I'm sure everyone knows. Yeah so this brush picks up the powder of the blush really well and is easy to use to apply on the cheeks and it has a wide layout as is obvious and the handle is wooden and really hard but easy to control.

I would definitely recommend this blush brush to anyone.

Here are the bristles. I just love looking at them as they pack the colour really well. They are also soft to touch and like I said easy to apply on the face. I use this brush with my Sleek Blush by 3 Pallette-Flame-and with my Mac Raizen Blush and it picks up all these colours effectively well.

Thanks for checking out this 3 part post!

See you all soon!

My Shekere x


Here are my three recent purchases from Sleek. The Storm Pallette, The Sparkle Limited Edition 2 Pallette and the Life's  A Peach Blush.

This Blush gives a nice healthy glow to the cheeks and is perfect for day time. I've used it sparingnly as I like a more heated look more similar to Mac's Raizen but if anyone is a fan of that more glowy look this is definitely a do and it even has a little mirror.

This is the Storm Pallette. The colours are muted and neutral but with a hint of sparkle as is visible. I use this pallette during the day time and stick to the matter colours of brown and ochres and yellows and blacks and I reserve the sparkly colours for night time like the lovely shimeery blue or deep ivory green which are perfect crease colours to use to highlight your eyes and intensify and create a smoky look on a night out.

This lovely product right here is Sparkle. I use it at night time mainly because the colours are too shimmery for my taste during the day time. But as a night time pallette it has a range of hues to offer that can be mixed around to create a range of looks.

This is a brilliant Tangle Teezer I purchased from Boots for about €20 which is steep for a brush if you ask me but it does the job. It combs through the hair taking out all the tangles without pulling out the hair along with it.
As you can see the bristles are thin and from experience I am a huge fan of this product and it is definitely a product I do not regret purchasing.

I use the Olive Oil Edge Control on my edges and the front of my hair. It has a sort of minty buttery smell and smoothes the hair down. I cannot say more than that at the moment but it was only a fiver and is definitely a product worth purchasing for those stubborn hairs you want to stay in place.

I am still trying to review this product as currently I use Mac's Blot Powder to as a finisher but this was about €8 minus tax and shipping from Sleek and it is their Translucent Powder in Deep. I will be reviewing this product more in the future but I decided to purchase it to try out in tropical climates as my Blot Powder does not work in that situation and ends up giving off a cakey finish rather than a smooth one.


Hello Everyone!

Just decided to put a picture of my favourite diet yoghurt here-Glenisk! Its great for keeping away the need to chew at a few sugary products. Just felt like sharing that with you guys!

But today I will be doing a rather intense look at the products from my make-up haul which is up on my channell on youtube! So please check that out!

But yeah let's get to it then :)

Here is a snippet of the products I will be rushing through with a few randomers picking through in between like my Clinique Moisturiser which is great for keeping your skin feeling fresh and hydrated all night long.

I use all these products for my hair and face basically and they mainly consist of Sleek and some other brands.
I'm contemplating doing a review on my Sleek Products soon or just a general brands video which should be up here and on my youtube page as well :)

I love these Moroccan Argan Oil little tubes I pruchased from Penneys for about €2 each. They are amazing for keeping your hai soft and shiny all day long and add to the texture and feel of your hair giving it a nice healthy glow. They also last quite long for such a small package; I purchased about 3 of them and am in the process of using just the second one; and I use it a LOT lol so yeah this products is definitely a do!

I purchased these 2 "SO..?" Products from Boots and they smell absolutely gorgeous and give you a lovely light yet sultry scent before you dowse on some perfume.
The Red Bottle has a stronger smell and I use it at night time if I have a night out just for that reason and the one on the right is equally strong but not as intense so is perfect for keeping you smellinglovely throughout the day no matter what you have going on as I tend to work out quite a bit and this definitely doesn't leave me smelling like I just came out of a gym session anyways :)

I am recently a huge fan of TreSemme Products as they do exactly what they promise to.
Here from left to right is the Ultimate Hold Spray which keeps my curls in place for a good 3-4 hours before they drop considerably and this is because of my Virgin Brazilian Hair which I hear is not really good for holding curls but anyways this is the best product I've used that has managed to hold it in place so far;
And then there is the Freeze Hold Spray which I use before I straighten my hair in addition to the Heat Defense Spray which is basically to protect your hair from the heat of the tongs while styling. I use both together to give me bone-straight hair.

And here are my lovely Herbal Essence Products I use to wash and condition the hair. They both work brilliantly and leave my hair feeling soft and tangle free.

And then there is the Sleek Blemish Balm which I use as a primer; I personally prefer the Mac Prep+Prime but that is a steep €30 and this is only about €11. But if you can I would go for Mac's Prep+Prime. As for this product, I do not think it really acts very well as a primer to be completely honest and some have said it can double up as light foundation; not for me. It leaves a shiny sheen to the face that looks nothing like foundation; if you like that sort of look this is right for you.