Sunday, 12 January 2014


Hey Everyone!

This is my first makeup post of this year and hopefully there will be many more :)

To achieve this look, I used my Sleek Sparkle and Sleek Sunset Palettes on my eyes, on my lips I have on some lovely Candy Yum Yum. I love this lipstick because it is so fun and fierce! I always enjoy applying it and sort of highlighting its rich colour with other makeup products. 

On my cheeks I have on Sleek's Flame Blush by 3 Palette and also Sleek's Face Form Palette.

I really enjoyed creating this look. Hope you all like my hair! I'm kind of addicted to kinky/afro type curls at this stage and here I have shown you guys pictures of before-pic below- and after-pic above- I brushed it out. I achieved the curls by using my curling wand and I will be doing a tutorial at some stage.

Speaking of which, I did a tutorial on this look on my youtube channel :D Check it out down below!

Just follow this link to view how I highlight, contour and apply lipstick! Have a lovely week!

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