Thursday, 23 August 2012


Kim Kardashian

Hey Guys,
Sorry for my mega absence on my blog for a bit. Just trying to figure out what direction it was going to take for the next few months and I think I've got that sorted so far anyways.

This here edition on my blog focuses on the ridiculously enviable figures of celebs and got me thinking how do they do it? Like really? I mean yeah sure exercise is in the mix and so is diet I guess but I've decided that to stay that much in shape, being rich must be a factor. Seriously like..And I direct your attention to the left where Kim K flaunts her enviable figure on some beach now I'm a fan of any girl with an amazing bod that there comes with respect but its really something isn't it? I mean LOOK AT HER lol I'm pretty sure she's had a few desserts no? And some pig fat days but it seems that refelcts more on us normal folks than celeb central. Which is why I have concluded to be this fab looking being rich is a factor because if you are rich you can afford a super duper expensive trainer and then you can afford a nice chef than can make nice tasting healthy dishes so here's my conclusion: rich+expensive trainer+amazing chef=rocking bod! Ha! Here are a few more snaps of hot celebrities- ENJOY :)!

Ha these pictures are enough to squeeze the hunger out of your belly and start yet again another sworn oath not to let any carbs pass your lips that is before the next set somehow manage to get through. Sigh...Enjoy the motivational pics and maybe this would help young girls everywhere not to eat so much when food manages to swim into your head. Just think Rihannarihannarihanna lol that might work!



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