Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Charass is a new artist on the scene in Naija as far as I am aware cause I have not heard of him before this video-Gbege. I love this song so much and the comdeic vibe it successfuly conveys with its quite serious message of trust.
He basically talks about how his girl played him and I just think its an interesting angle as its usually the female in that predicament. As usal there is a mix of indegenious language with English but the message is clear-his girl is a cheat and he is hurt. The sound is very unique. Its very simple but  has some powerful lyrics to make it a very interesting song to listen to and watch. My favourite line is ‘You no go use my brain not again’..lol! Immediately the video starts up it hooks you and shows the ‘Gbege’ that is the source of the song.
This was one of my favourite songs this summer and I chose to expand on it because of the fact that its a new artist. He also acts very well lol which I like cause it adds to the drama of the video. There is some serious successful use of indegenous words in this video making it sound even more cultural.
Here it is! Enjoy!

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