Tuesday, 24 September 2013


Hey Guys! Welcome to my blog! And yes I have been M.I.A for a number of reasons basically being exams, summer and so on. But I am back anyways for the time being. Today I have decided to share my thoughts on hair.  

As you all can see, I have freed the weave and gone back to braids :)

Okay so I recently became a fan of the whole virgin hair experiment. When I say ‘virgin hair’ I mean ‘virigin hair extentension’ o. I am not a ‘natural hair nazi’ yet but I’m contemplating heading down that route. Anyways, the thing with virgin hair with me is the whole range that’s available and trying to find out what works best for you. I’m not a fussy girl and a bit of an ‘o le’ which means lazy in yoruba. Me, I do not like stress. So the whole trying to choose between brazilian, peruvian, indian, mongolian and only God knows what else is enough stress as is. But the fact is it does look great if it is done well and is on point. 

That in itself is another stressful encounter. You have to find a reasonably priced vendor, then debate the lengths and packs you want on your head, and then decide if you want to top it of with a closure or frontal for it to look more natural and then finally pray that your vendor’s ‘reasonably priced’ hair is of good quality. Because if not, you are basically in trouble for lack of a better unaggressive word. But yeah thats the problem with virgin hair-there’s a lot to investigate. But it does look good when its done properly and when all is said and done I do enjoy some good virgin hair as any young lady does.
 But, I have decided to get some braids on for now and take a break from the whole virgin hair experience. 

I think braids are an easy hairstyle for a very active young woman. They take no time at all to style and they last for a long time so I thought it was about time to go back to my roots. 
What hair styles are you debating having for the autumn/ winter season? What is your virgin hair experience?

I decided to dot this post with some random pics on how I style my braids. Hope you enjoy and see you soon :)

My Shekere x

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