Saturday, 8 February 2014


Hey Guys!

This is a classy but daring look I decided to try. Its loud, vibrant and colourful and I love it!

I thought it'd be perfect for a val's look of the night as it is made up of soft colours such as pink.
The curls also add to the soft but daring quality of the look. 

You can leave your hair tightly curled like I did here. 

Or go for a more loose wild texture like so. The curls add to the romanticised and dainty nature of the look. Either would suit for a romantic outing.

I love this look because its daring and fun. Its also perfect for a night out with le boo to celebrate or just with a group of friends.

For the eyes I mostly 
played around with my Sleek Palletes for a fun 
and vibrant feel. I used Sleek's Pink Sprint Blush Set for my cheeks, to give them a healthy glow and on my lips I have on a mix of MAC's Ruby Woo and Up The Amp which gave a surprisingly, delightful rich pink colour to them. 

I will definitely be experimenting with combining lip colours; I think you can never go wrong especially at night where any bright colour will do.

I might be putting up more Val's Day inspired looks but hope you like this one!

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