Wednesday, 1 February 2012


Nigerians were angry. The previous night had been spent screaming New Year celebrations to friends, family even strangers in the holy walls of the church; bangers flying everywhere representing the excitement of Lagosians that had made it to this year of promise-2012. The streets were alive with crowds of people and the bustle of cars rushing to get home; to spend the first few hours of this yearly experience with those that truly mattered.The dawn crept up silently; aware of the secrets the government had buried from the people waiting to be shouted loudly from every fuel station in the country.
   Nigerians were angry. For once, in my brief time on earth and in Lagos, I truly saw the wrath of my people. As with one voice of pain, anger and sorrow they shouted for the government to listen; listen to the plight of their people; listen to the struggles of the poor; listen to the cries of the masses. And, the government heard...only because they had to..
The streets were filled with the anger of the nation. The men in black the so-called police force came out trying to control the crowds; firing dangerous weapons in the air that targeted the innocent masses.
   Still Nigerians were angry. In true faith, as a nation, as a people, Nigerians refused to back down. Our neighbours abroad heard our cry and joined in the outrage that has been building in the hearts of every Nigerian for as long as I can remember. They too took to the streets, they too voiced the anguish of the people and the demand for justice.
   Our government was silent...maybe because they hoped and they prayed we would get tired..we would give up and go back to our daily lives. Maybe because they assumed that eventually the voices of the people would grow hoarse...but it didn’t. It grew stronger each day and gathered momentum.
   The pain of the years of watching and equally hoping that our Nation, our motherland would get better built into a crescendo of anger and determination in the hearts of the people and manifested in the fuel subsidy crisis.
  The government heard us...only because they had to..but still that fierce outcry of outrage and anger; that scream of ‘NO’ is a reminder that the people have had enough..and soon...Nigeria would rise and fight the government that has crushed the spirits and hopes and dreams of millions.Tolu Falode.

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