Monday, 19 May 2014


I can feel my heart convulse from the pain. I hear your voice, I see your face, I watch your smile. To think I would not have the pleasure of holding your hand, listening to your words of wisdom, watching you mischievously giggle as you plot your next scheme to annoy Tolu…Toba it is so painful…I’m sure it is painful for you as well. To know we will not be together as brother and sister again in this life is beyond comprehension. It is a daily struggle…the road is rough, the path is completely uncertain but we will get through this as a family. Death has no place in a family’s history; death cannot break a bond that has been blessed by the hands of the Almighty.
Your warm laughter, your reassuring presence and your soothing words that could always stop my quick temper will be missed. The joy to watch you laugh, to hear you smile, to listen to you fondly call my name are treasures locked deep inside my heart for all of time.
I love you dear brother and I know you love me too. We are one we are the same. We walked this earth together, we shared moments of pure joy, happiness tinged with sorrow and felt the biting sting of regret almost at the exact moment in time. We shared our dreams together. I watched your steps grow more confident as you walked into your late teens and you watched amused as I stumbled into the guise of a young woman. We fought countless times, we swore at each other and felt the pain of stinging words fall from our lips but this we knew was a sign of our love for one another. A sign of a bond that we could not break that would last through time and space and could never be parted. A bond that was built on love, memory and joy. Your death shook me in my spirit…I felt myself react with violence to the news…I nearly lost all sense of time…my spirit broke…I felt you needed me as you felt I needed you and now the love is stronger and the bond is deeper for we are one and the same.
You love me and I love you. You called and I answered. I call and you answer. For we are brother and sister.
So happy birthday my Eminado, my prince, my knight in shining armour. The man that would forever hold a special place in my heart come rain or high water our love is too strong to be broken, too deep to be buried and too powerful to be shaken for we will always be one and the same.

We are family. Brother and sister bound by the blessing of the Almighty. No harm will ever come to this union that God has seen fit to create for forever and always. 

Please join in the cause to find justice for my brother Toba Falode. Follow these links and GOD bless you all and your families.



  1. May the Almighty God give you and your family the strength to get through this. Tyler would always remain in our hearts.
    R.I.P Tyler!!!