Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Hey guys hope everyone is having a blessed week!
Well as I’m sure is obvious by now I am a fan of afrobeats. And its not just the music in itself- its the mix of creativity, urban sounds and culture. I find it very soothing and entertaining to listen to some of the emerging and popular afrobeats artists of today such as Iyanya, Blackmagic, Davido etc; 
But for this post I decided to do something close to a feature on Wizkid.
Now I think Wizkid is one of the perfect embodiments of the emerging afro beats culture-young, talented and diverse. His songs have a youthful vibe to them and are nothing short of catchy; he also manages to mix a lot of sounds together to create something different each and every time. 
He stays relevant with his different beats managing not to fall into the pothole of conformity but instead trying and succeeding at creating new tunes. 

I appreciate the fact that he has a talent that is raw but refined; but mostly, I love the fact that you can hear the growth of this artist in each of his tracks as no two are exactly alike; his desire to experiment with music and to grow as an artist are obvious from his songs which always manage to hit the mark in showing a different side of his talent.
Anyways, I thought I would share some of my favourite tracks from this artist; and as always... enjoy!

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