Monday, 7 October 2013


Hey Guys!

So I decided to do a post on some looks I have created with my Sleek and Mac Makeup Collection. I hope you enjoy!

For this look, I decided to tone down the rest of my features to suit the very bright and colorful texture of Mac's Candy Yum Yum lipstick. I used a very light tinge of Sleek's Blush Pallette to give a soft and subtle glow to my cheeks.
I also decided to do my braids in a neat bun to add a classic look to the day time application of this lip stick and I added some nice pearls to tone down the look additionally. I think this colour is very strong and should be the only statement being made on your face.

So I finally jumped on the Ruby Woo bandwagon decades later! And I have to say I really do love this lipstick. Its very matte and at the same time makes such a huge statement. I think it looks great on the lips but like Candy yum yum and any strong make up colour, I decided tone down my eyes with a subtle smokey look. However, I thought to add a bit more edge to the outfit I should style it with some silver hoops!


And now I finally ventured away from Mac just for a bit to create a very tropical nude with Revlon's lovely nearly nude lipstick and Sleek's iDivine pallette.
I love this look and I think its very easy to recreate for those that aren't to big on bold lipstick.

I love the simplicity of the look and I'm a big fan of Revlon's Nearly Nude because its just the perfect lip stain that goes with everything.

Now I was cautious with lipstick at first and I have had it for quite a while; but I decided to try and create a look with it. The lipstick colour in itself is gorgeous-its a sort of reddish brown when looked at closely-but I was skeptical about wearing it out. I was happy with the colour however when I decided to try it on with some very simple eye makeup; I always think its best to keep either your eyes or your face neutral during the day time; at night, you can afford to have a bit of both; that is my opinion anyways. here is the look!

And those are my back to school looks..some of them at least! I had fun playing around with the Sleek iDivine Pallette and trying on some bold lipsticks. I think its safe to where any lip colour during the day time as long as its perfectly complimented with the other pieces of makeup on your face but mostly it works best if you experiment and have fun with your makeup which is what I tried to do!
What are some of your back to school looks?


  1. Gorgeous
    happy to have you back
    what lashes do you have on?
    they look fab

  2. Thanks :) I have on the Ardell E15 lashes :) its nice to be blogging again :D