Thursday, 3 October 2013


Nigeria is moving forward in terms of a developing market. I have found it quite interesting to focus on the fashionable aspect of Nigeria’s progress. Recently, there has been an explosion of Nigerian fashion designers catering to the youth by blending culture with creativity. I did an interview with one of these designers recently-House 38. Once in a while, I would try to focus on a particular designer’s work that I find trendy. 
Right now I have chosen to focus on CLAN-the brain child of three young women-Temi, Tiwa and Aba-daughters of the established Deola Sagoe. What do you think of their pieces for this season?
I personally like the simplicity of the different outfits and I think they reflect youthful edginess and creativity. 
The link for the House 38 article is- you all soon!

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