Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Hey Everyone!

Just decided to do a quick post on my neutral lips/purple eyeshadow. I thought it would be interesting to try and wear some bold eyeshadow colours for the day that are usually reserved for a night out. Anyways, here is what I came up with minus fake eyelashes just to add to the toned down feel of the look. But, with fake eyelashes it would look just as good if not better. But I decided to tone it down for some day time college go to make up look. I also played around with a bit of black to give it a sort of smokey effect. I think its always a good idea to play with different pallettes to try and make each look wearable and unique. This time I worked with my Urban Decay Pallette purely to create this look and a bit of MAC eyeshadow just for the tear duct area. Now I've said this before on my youtube videos but I think urban decay is one of the best makeup brands for eyeshadows and it is also somewhat affordable-around €30 in Ireland-but there is always the option to try out sleek pallettes which round up to about a tener here in Dublin;
however, the richness and pigmentation of Urban Decay products make them worth the investment. Anyways hope you all like this look! And please do check out my youtube channel as I would be posting up some videos really soon and on that note here is a new video by Davido for the very successful 'Skelewu' to pay homage to my recent afrobeats obsession as I'm sure is clear from my blog posts these past few days! 
 Enjoy! x

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